All contents of the file made available electronically for the whole legal department. Or only for one group. Or even for the management/board of the holding company. Or also for a holding company. Or even for the legal department in Paris. Or maybe even for the external trademark attorney? Just as you wish. Global legal control makes this possible. But much more.

If the electronic file from Syndikus did not already exist, we would have to invent it. It adapts to the users and not the other way around. Power users enter the required data in no time, beginners or trainees are easily guided by the automatic file system.

There is room for everything, but only very little information has to be entered. Just like in real life. Some processes are only small requests, others fill several folders. However, every process is recorded so that you are always able to provide information. Evaluations are child's play and reports are generated quickly.

For complex requirements, a powerful report generator is available, which is dynamic and can perform very complex searches. The result? You can also see it immediately for further processing in Excel. With one click.

All desired file formats are included in the document tree. Structured in folders - as known from Windows Explorer or macOS Finder. You browse in page size. The electronic file is the new manual file.

Assoziatives Dokumentenmanagement mit Docuvisto






Syndic has a rather detailed rights system. Assign access rights in different countries and to your companies located there. Within a company you can further differentiate by departments, groups and persons. And that sorted by rights to view, modify and delete data.



Other countries, other languages. Only the native language is completely without language barrier. We support various languages and can localize others as needed. In operation, one click is enough and you will see clearly. Without reboot.



Quite a lot can be adjusted. That is so common and necessary. But what about the French colleague who is in the Berlin office today - how does she see the entry "Commercial law" in the pull down menu "Subject area" of the file? We have thought of that, too: You can translate these default settings yourself. Once and forever. "Handelsrecht" is what the legal counsel in Berlin sees, "Droit des affaires" is what the french colleague from Paris sees. Even in Berlin. Voilà.



Worldwide access requires speed. Who wants to wait for data to drip through the network? Web-based access or terminal server technology makes it a snap. Optimized methods in the program code deliver search results in milliseconds.


This speaks for Syndikus


On the market since 1992

Family business

Longstanding customer base

Multiplatform (Mac and Windows)

Multiserver (runs with many SQL servers)

Multilingual (many language packs)

On premise and web ready

Intelligent design

Many modules

Clear surface

Logical structures

Perfect links

Digital work processes

Efficiency and transparency

  • As in-house counsel, you know time pressure. You are confronted with costs. At the same time, the demands on your work are increasing. SYNDIKUS is the perfect tool for in-house lawyers, in-house counsel and legal assistants. It guarantees efficient workflows because their work processes are digitalized. SYNDIKUS ensures legal certainty and transparency.

  • Incoming e-mails are pulled directly into the file, and the Syndikus Outlook add-in often already suggests the appropriate file. Print documents find their way into the file via a scanning solution and are immediately converted into searchable full text. DOCUVISTO stands behind this with the conversion into continuous text via OCR technology and powerful search functions. The entire electronic file with all its documents is intelligently searchable.

Security and legal certainty

  • Not only the legal retention periods (legal hold) are taken into account, but also the obligation to - quasi mirror-image -  destroy certain documents, for example due to the DSGVO. In the electronic file, the document classification system (DKS) provides a legally secure system for determining expiration dates for this purpose. As soon as the expiration date of a document is reached, you are either reminded that the document should be destroyed or it is even deleted automatically.
  • Of course, not only the electronic files are specially protected and only visible to selected persons containing sensitive information, but also the documents contained therein. Authorization for each individual document can be further restricted or extended for departmental outsiders such as your external lawyers.


All processes are kept in SYNDIKUS in files, whether trademark matters, M & A, litigation or contracts.

Intelligent links fascinate: the file is linked to the contract, the contract to the property, the property to the tenant.


Depending on the file categories, powerful modules are available, for example for contract management. Contract files receive a link to the many details such as terms, costs, obligations or other key data from the contract.


The strategic support comes from powerful reports and analysis tools in SYNDIKUS. The status of contentious operations, the costs and risks and the evaluation of external consultants, all this is just a few clicks away.