Knowledge is your capital

Welcome to INTELLEGIS, the knowledge management system.

Preserve the knowledge of your organization. Structured and shared with others in the team. The procedure to introduce such a system, commonly called  Knowledge Base is not trivial if you have never dealt with it before.

Therefore we support you with words and deeds and of course first of all we would like to demonstrate the software to you. Workshops help with the introduction.

By the way, INTELLEGIS can be linked with SYNDIKUS, so that both complement each other ideally.

INTELLEGIS: Organisieren Sie Wissen


How knowledge management works


Considerations for the collection of knowledge

If you want to collect and manage knowledge so that it is not lost, write it down securely. INTELLEGIS is therefore based on a database and can create a document for each knowledge element. This document can have any number  of links to other documents. So you create links from one - let's call it "knowledge object" - to one or even more others.

Of course, you want to be able not only to enter but also to search for entries. This is where DOCUVISTO's associative full-text search is available to you, if you wish. It is a groundbreaking further development of digital search possibilities.

In addition to this rather unstructured search "in the big picture", you can also structure yourself.


Set up knowledge domains

Before you start working with INTELLEGIS, you create topic areas with corresponding subitems. Thus, you create your own individualized knowledge world that fits your organization.

Finally, the knowledge objects are inserted and linked to each other. Colored symbols facilitate the visual assignment of a knowledge object to a domain.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Our stunning Knowledge Map graphically shows you all documents in context. It's best to let us show you in a presentation what is possible in this knowledge map - you will be thrilled!


Organize and preserve your knowledge


Knowledge is corporate capital

They say knowledge is power. But knowledge is also capital. How come? Knowledge is useful when it comes to clarifying a situation, overcoming a difficulty. Knowledge helps when it comes to finding ways forward.

Very practical use cases of a knowledge database are, for example, sudden events, which you have to solve correctly and have a completely different certainty than before. Checklists or alarm plans are immediately available, contexts are better understood.



Gladly: at the reception of your head office is the tax investigation. They have a few questions and a warrant. What do you do as  Legal Counsel, what do you do as Managing Director or CFO? This question does not take long to answer with INTELLEGIS. You print out the "Tax Investigation Checklist" and go to the reception desk.

You want to set up a  Work Flow in your contract management software, but have no idea how to do it? Unfortunately the manual here is poor, but your colleague has created a PDF. You read it and you are in the picture.


Makes you more successful

As you can see, it takes little to get out of a critical or unclear situation if you have the right advisor. Let INTELLEGIS be your personal advisor and preserve your corporate knowledge in an intelligent database!

Intuitive handling

Connection with Syndikus and DOCUVISTO possible

Full integration into the Syndikus user interface

Graphical knowledge map

Keyword, topic and full text search

Individual classification

Innovative citation function


Multiplatform, Multiserver, Multilingual

LEGALCRYPT – Sichere Verschlüsselung

INTELLEGIS was developed in a relational database environment. One can add any number of elements and link them together. By using a powerful database server with e.g. Oracle, MySQL or MS-SQL, results in hundreds of thousands of documents can be obtained very quickly.

The best thing is that INTELLEGIS is also multilingual, so all your colleagues can also share their knowledge globally through a web interface.


With little effort to your knowledge pool

INTELLEGIS is a client-server system based on a relational database structure. The front end runs as a fat client or web-based. INTELLEGIS requires an SQL server.

Supported client operating systems:

Windows 8, 10
macOS X 10.5 to 10.15

Supported server operating systems:

Windows 2012 Server, 2016 Server, 2019 Server.
macOS from 10.4.x-Server
Div. Unix-Servers

Technical system requirements Web:

The server on which the Syndikus web application and web client runs can be Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. IIS or Apache etc.