The Legal Software Company

From start-up to trendsetter

With great enthusiasm and little start-up capital from our house bank, we took the plunge in 1992. The development of our first product for law firms could begin.

Today we equip corporations, institutions and law firms within Germany, the EU and outside the EU with software. For 28 years we have been developing intelligent information systems for the legal sector and have set standards in logic and operation that are often (half) copied.

Our customers

Legal departments in renowned DAX companies, medium-sized businesses and SMEs use Syndikus. Well-known law firms with a national and international focus are also among the users of our products.

All of these organizations and institutions have placed value on better work processes and have looked closely for software that brings real added value to the implementation of their business goals. Today, you automatically benefit from the many feedback effects with our development.

Our offer

We develop with state-of-the-art products and thus also realize special requests in a short time. You want professional advice on workflow?

With our legal background we don't speak mysterious IT-speak but your language. Guaranteed.



Besides the self-evident compliance with laws and agreed rules with interested parties and customers, we want to follow the guidelines of good software development. The users should not only use a tool but have pleasure in using it. The most important aspects in concrete terms:



In an increasingly complex world, software has long since become a cultural asset. However, truly innovative solutions that are also user-friendly are unfortunately still too rare to find.

Here we want to be one of the exceptions on the market and install systems with real added value. First and foremost, it is imperative that our information systems reflect reality without errors. Correctness is the standard requirement for software in general.


Ease of use

Software must also be easy to use. Users should want to work with it. We therefore consistently check the work flow and take a close look at how software is actually used in everyday life. From this knowledge, we continuously improve the product in its aesthetic aspects, which are of course much more than just cosmetics.


Needs orientation

We come from practice and implement for practice. By listening and jointly developing solutions, we work out the customer's needs and implement them consistently. So the customer gets the product he needs instead of a useless bad investment.



We want to understand the needs of the future today in order to implement them in sustainable further developments. So all aspects of modern life are also part of our understanding of good product development. Whether that's mobile employees or home offices, we offer solutions for them.


Service orientation

Impeccable service to our customers is just as much a part of this. Our employees strive to always answer in a friendly and competent manner and to be there for the customers. We ourselves vouch for what we promise or deliver. Outsourcing customer communication is out of the question for us.  

We strive for long-term partnerships and like to transfer knowledge. Our customers know and appreciate the added value that results on both sides.



People create the values that ensure the success of our company. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us to ensure flexibility in the workplace and work-life balance, and to deploy, promote and develop all our employees according to their skills and performance, regardless of their origin, gender or affiliation to another group. If you are interested in a career at Lawconsult, you can find more information here .


Quality as a system goal

We pay attention to TQM. Total Quality Management is implemented in all areas of our administration, planning and development. We work on the continuous improvement of our concepts and products in order to introduce and permanently guarantee quality as a system goal with comprehensive quality management. The following elementary thoughts are part of this:

Quality is oriented to the customer

Quality is achieved with all employees

Quality encompasses all dimensions of value creation

Quality is process and goal at the same time

Quality also refers to services

Quality requires active action.


Black numbers



We have been in the black for a long time. We are far from wanting to generate sales at any price. We have always focused on healthy growth. The company does not service bank loans.

We are growing permanently and under our own steam.



More than 25 years of continuity. More than 25 years of updates without costly product "upgrades". More than 25 years of reliability.

We offer continuous development instead of erratic system changes.



Through the unity of ownership and management, our customers have the certainty that decisions are not based on the short-term advantages of a management.

Our interest is the continued long-term well-being of the company and lasting customer loyalty.


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