Strong protection

Welcome to LEGALCRYPT. Also your trade secrets are threatened? We have something against it.

To prevent the unauthorized from getting to the files in the first place, the LEGALCRYPT drives are not available as a shared volume. This means that the users in the operating system do not see the server on which the documents are located, even if they have various shares.

Authorized users only get to the search option at all via names and passwords. And this is behind the rights concept of LEGALCRYPT, which prevents the legal trainee from viewing your merger plans, for example.

Safe is safe

But even the trainee in IT, who may be able to see these files, has nothing from them because they are encrypted.

Let's assume that he can then copy them. To ensure that this is of no use to the unauthorized person, the file must be encrypted using modern cryptography methods.

Starker Schutz für Dokumente mit LEGALCRYPT


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Encryption is an ancient thing. Information has been encrypted for reasons of warfare and love, as well as for economic reasons. Secret codes have been used since ancient times. More and more sophisticated methods have been devised on both sides: to encrypt and to break the protection. The example above is simple to read - can you figure it out?


The past

One of the first ciphers took place in the 5th century BC, when the Greeks had been warned of Persian war preparations. An exiled Greek, Demaratos, sent a wooden writing tablet to his homeland. He had written the warning against the despotic Xerxes and his plans on the bare wood, but afterwards he had poured wax over it again and - as usual - provided it with a new but harmless message. Everything that the Athenian silver mines yielded was put into 200 new warships. The coding saved the Greeks head and neck, they crushed the Persian fleet.
Later, Arab scholars engaged in cryptanalysis, European monks searched for secret messages in the text of the Bible. Everyone knows the Enigma from the 2nd World War at the latest after the movie. And everyone knows that the ingenious cryptanalysts from Bletchley Park cracked the code. Today, some people have heard of PGP for encrypting e-mails, and since Snowden, they are sure that everything can be cracked in the end.



But we have reached a point today where it has become quite difficult for analysis. Phil Zimmermann, the PGP developer, says that today it is possible to produce ciphers that are far beyond the reach of all cryptanalysis methods. If all the PCs in the world, or about 200 million computers, were to analyze a message encrypted with PGP, it would take 12 million times longer than the universe is old, mathematically, to crack the code. Prime factorization for analysis is a difficult business and it is estimated that the usual methods such as RSA are therefore currently secure. Whether quantum computers will change this remains to be seen.


The arithmetical problem

If you were underwhelmed with the small task above, here's another one:


Have fun!


A few millennia

LEGALCRYPT encryption provides strong protection for your documents. Globally recognized methods ensure that your data cannot be read by unauthorized persons. Read more about securing your data from espionage and secrecy.


LEGALCRYPT fits into your IT-environment

LEGALCRYPT can be used in any environment. In particular, it can be easily integrated into existing structures of large IT landscapes and can be supported there without any effort. A fact that will please your IT department.

LEGALCRYPT is nothing that is operated, nothing that is seen. It is installed and the prerequisites are created in the form of sufficiently long keys. That's basically it, the rest is automatic.

There are two versions, one is the encrypted storage in a database itself with a front-end like Syndic, the program you use to add documents to transactions or companies, or the variant of the non shared server, a smart invention that allows us to write to a server volume that is not visible. Both are very secure and protect your data.

Depending on how much computing power an attacker uses, it may take a few millennia to crack the keys that LEGALCRYPT uses. Or even a bit longer... With today's mathematical and IT-technical possibilities you can't infer the function argument (= plaintext) from the encrypted text if you use e.g. RSA as method.


And what does the practical application look like?

Save your text that has individual rights. Briefly the LEGALCRYPT logo appears while the text is saved encrypted. That's all. You can sleep peacefully and your confidential data is safe.

Die Verschlüsselung von LEGALCRYPT bietet einen starken Schutz für Ihre Dokumente.

The benefits of LEGALCRYPT


No manual operation required

Coupled with the Syndikus user rights

Full integration into the Syndikus user interface

Transparent encryption in the background

Instant effect

Extremely secure cryptography methods

Extremely fast


Proven procedures

LEGALCRYPT - Secure Encryption
Encryption on-the-fly

LEGALCRYPT is a software system designed to encrypt and securely store files. In doing so, LEGALCRYPT uses "on-the-fly" encryption, which means that you hardly notice that a document is being stored securely.

The procedures are standardized methods of cryptography and therefore secure.

When the document is opened, LEGALCRYPT decrypts it again on-the-fly. The special thing about it is that the transport is also encrypted.


LEGALCRYPT can store your documents in a BLOB field of the database. However, the size of the database will increase rapidly if not only the records themselves, but also all the documents are included in the database. If your database administrator does not want this to happen, LEGALCRYPT can also store the documents on a non shared server. This can be a UNIX or Windows server that has no share on the network. LEGALCRYPT nevertheless writes the data to it and stores it there in encrypted form.

In both variants, users cannot manipulate data past the leading system, because the access concept is upstream. The way for a correct historization of the documents is not blocked.

Security concepts

If someone by using criminal means steals the disk and gets your password, you can still protect the access. Extensions provide that the disk is completely written with cryptic data and you cannot see where the LEGALCRYPT container has stored data. Another complication is that one does not know if there is another container with data in it. The attacker does not know if the data in the found container is the only one and if it is the valuable one. He must assume that only this data exists.

Talk to us about your needs and the security aspects that are required.


Whether you use our appliance or implement the LEGALCRYPT security concept in your network on your server, we will find out together in a security planning meeting.

Generally, systems on which LEGALCRYPT can be used are UNIX (i.e. also macOS) or Windows servers.

For the clients, restrictions apply only with regard to the performance when encrypting. If the key has to be 2,048 bits long, a 20-page document can cause a delay of several seconds during encryption and decryption. It's like a door: the more security, i.e. locks, the longer you need when unlocking and locking all locks or activating and deactivating all security-relevant systems.

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