Digital excellence

Lawyers with honors analyze the legal market and outline the required products. Our team of developers with their know-how in computer science, mathematics, physics and business administration transforms them into software solutions.

For our localizations, we use professional native speakers who are themselves trainers or linguists and always have a connection to the real world.

In addition, we have a network of specialists in and outside Germany. We offer solutions and are the contact in difficult questions because we think openly and do not anticipate results in case of uncertainties, but get to the bottom of the matter.

Quick fixes are not our method. Nevertheless, we react quickly and implement challenges with one of our Rapid Application Development Tools.

If you yourself have above-average skills in software development and are dedicated to your field of work, please take a look at our career opportunities below.



Interesting high-tech environment
(= you have to search for all the bugs in the code) ;)

Interesting and always new tasks
(= on Mondays the CEO comes around the corner with at least 20 new ideas)

Flexible working hours
(= no, we don't forbid you to program on Saturday)

Reconcile job and family
(= home office is okay, but hey, we count your lines of code).

Relaxed working atmosphere
(= people without humor we lock in the server room)

Fair payment
(= we take over the monthly ticket - was there anything else?)



Preferably with experience in object-oriented programming. Preferred: .NET, JavaScript, SQL, Exchange.

Experience in Omnis Studio is desired.

Full or part time. Permanent or freelance. Location is Munich or via home office worldwide.


TRAINEES (m/f/d)

Currently not.

Nothing found?

Our job search is updated from time to time, so it's worth visiting our site again. Of course, you also always have the option of submitting an unsolicited application online.


The online application allows you and us a fast and efficient application process. Please include all the usual application documents (resume, references and, if applicable, other documents such as your personal cover letter) in a PDF file as an attachment to your e-mail.

After a positive review of your documents, we will be happy to conduct a short interview via video call, so that we can meet in person if necessary.