Document management in legal texts

Welcome to DOCUVISTO. You are interested in a powerful document management system for your legal department, your law firm or your legal department in a municipality, ministry or other corporate body. Even if you are looking for a cross-departmental system, you have come to the right place, because DOCUVISTO can perfectly structure all documents (Enterprise Content Management). This then includes not only correspondence and contracts, but also invoice documents and other papers. 

"Visto" stands for Latin "seen" or also "found!". We turn it into a system with which you can

  • provide with access permissions,
  • store them securely,
  • retrieve them quickly and associatively.

In concrete terms, this means that with DOCUVISTO you can

  • Manage your incoming mail efficiently
  • Search your contracts in seconds
  • Re-edit faxes and scanned documents as continuous text
  • Don't have to dictate or type password-protected PDF contract drafts.

With DOCUVISTO, we are continuing the DMS success story to the next level: document management not only for law firms and legal departments or legal departments but for the entire company from purchasing to the legal department to the board of directors - and it's so hassle-free and easy to use that people really enjoy using it.

Assoziatives Dokumentenmanagement mit Docuvisto


Background for decision-makers

A document management system (DMS) is used to manage electronic documents with databases. We understand document management more broadly: as a component of the overarching ECM (Enterprise Content Management). It thus affects all your company information. A DMS is integrated into the work flow. It can come into play for approvals, for example.


Corporate information is capital

Your company information is a particularly important asset. We believe that access to it should always be possible immediately. With DOCUVISTO, all your company's documents are stored and indexed in a structured way so that they can be found and displayed immediately.


Associative search

DOCUVISTO allows you to search for important documents associatively. Find documents that cannot be mentally assigned to a specific process right away.


Maintaining an overview. Avoid risks.

This allows you to make important business decisions quickly and always have a comprehensive overview. .

All documents can be accurately screened in the combination of Syndikus and DOCUVISTO. As a result, you avoid risks arising from legal obligations, cooperation with other companies and in operational business.

Link documents with risk management.


Structure your inbox better

DOCUVISTO also offers your company an intelligent incoming mail system. The DOCUVISTO full text search facilitates the search for the "needle in the haystack".

DOCUVISTO distinguishes between a brief or a draft contract that you want to scan at your desk and assign to a transaction and the daily mail that was scanned in the secretary's office or at the mailroom. DOCUVISTO immediately suggests to which files or contracts the documents should be assigned, but allows corrections.

This way, the lawyers immediately have the mail as a PDF on the screen, long before it is distributed from the inbox in the house or picked up.


Observe data privacy

With the optional DKS (document classification system) module, you also meet data protection requirements. Each document is classified and automatically destroyed after the appropriate period of time has elapsed. Read more at the modules for Syndikus.



You know that there was a confidentiality agreement in a cooperation agreement.

You therefore search for all documents that contain the word "confidentiality agreement". 374 hits. Your document is not among them.

You find the matching document immediately after you activate the associative search. The title is: "Confidentiality Agreement" - the document is in German. You would have found it also with the search terms "Geheimhaltungserklärung, "Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung", "Geheimhaltungsvertrag", "NDA" and "Verschwiegenheitsvereinbarung".



You know that a lawsuit concerning commercial rental space was about rent reduction due to defective air conditioning technology. You still remember that in the pleading (of course) the word "Mietminderung" (rent reduction) appeared frequently and also several times a word with "Messwert" (measured value).

You therefore search for all documents that contain the two words in a distance of 20 words and find the matching document that contains:

"Für den gesamten August 2004 macht die Beklagte weiterhin 100 % Mietminderung geltend. Die weit überhöhten Temperaturen ergeben sich aus Seite 20 unterer Teil des Messwertprotokolls."



DOCUVISTO – Intelligentes Dokumentenmanagement

DOCUVISTO is a powerful system. It contains a precise OCR engine that turns your paper documents back into continuous text in seconds. The OCR engine runs on the server in the background and delivers the analyzed data to the index server, which converts it immediately. The OCR itself doesn't wait either, but does its job immediately - so you can search for a document in full text shortly after adding it.

OCR means Optical Character Recognition, i.e. electronic text recognition, which can recognize individual characters on a scanned document using a pattern matching process.

OCR recognition does not provide absolute results but determines probabilities for certain letters. These probabilities are reinforced or challenged with more advanced text recognition (ICR) techniques (Intelligent Character Recognition). ICR takes into account the context in which a letter is found. Thus, ICR can reconstruct a "tree" from the OCR result "8aum".

Using image analysis procedures, the written material is first 'dissected' in such a way that only those individual parts that could represent a single letter are forwarded to the OCR engine for recognition.


After detection, the document is immediately indexed, that is, all words are fed indexes and can then be found again immediately. So our "tree" is immediately discovered and with it you get all search results that also contain the word "tree".

The fact that this search also finds a text from 100,000 documents in an instant that deals with the liability of the consortium leader is a real relief. Since that went so fast, one could allow oneself a refinement by means of the distance search (proximity operator) and receives then only the contracts, in which the two words occur in a distance to each other, which suggests that then also a sense connection is given. This will be the case, for example, with a distance of five words.


The basis for such rapid performance is a powerful database system. We are happy to adapt to the given IT landscape. DOCUVISTO runs on all professional databases. Whether Oracle, MySQL or Sybase, Microsoft SQL, DB2 or others - DOCUVISTO adapts to your IT, not the other way around. DOCUVISTO can also dock to your company data via an SAP interface, for example, and archive and retrieve documents.

Talk to us about the minimum requirements of an adequate server. The OCR engine comes with 10 thousand pages p. m. as a usual base, but customers with high document volumes can also start with higher volumes.

The clients are any computers with common equipment with the operating system of your choice (Windows, macOS).


In combination with Syndikus or stand alone


Intuitive usage

Integration with the Syndikus user rights

Full integration into the Syndikus user interface

Smart inbox system

Transparent background OCR

Instant indexing

Sophisticated search functions

Extremely fast




DOCUVISTO is a client-server system based on a relational database structure. The front end is developed in a relational DBMS and is object-oriented. Users only need local user rights, write rights to the syndication folder and the syndication folder (FileShare) on the server. An SQL server is of course mandatory.

For the OCR component, DOCUVISTO relies on a leading solution that comes with far above average text recognition.

Supported client operating systems:

Windows 8, 10
macOS X 10.5 to 10.15

Supported server operating systems:

Windows 2012 Server, 2016 Server,
2019 Server.
macOS from 10.4.x Server
Div. Unix server

Recommended system environment:

Installation on MS-SQL (more information about the installation is available on a server-specific basis)